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Wellness Consultations


Wellness Consultations

Magnolia Pharmacy provides appointment-based personalized consultations on a variety of health and wellness related issues. Our trained pharmacists will work with you to design a customized plan focusing on:

  • doneHormone Balance
  • doneThyroid Issues
  • doneMedication Management
  • doneDiet & Nutrition
  • doneStress Management
  • doneVitamin and Supplement Optimization

Have questions about any of the areas above? Schedule your wellness consultation with us today!

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The Consultation Process

Our consultation process involves a holistic and comprehensive look at the patient. Each patient completes an in-depth evaluation form and recommended laboratory tests if needed. Once the results have been finalized, patients will then schedule an appointment with our consultant pharmacists to discuss test results and recommendations. Following your consultation, Magnolia Pharmacy will deliver a personalized plan to foster improved health and work collaboratively with your practitioner to recommend prescription therapies if necessary.

If you are looking to improve your health, please contact Magnolia Pharmacy today to set up your consultation with us.

Hormone Evaluation Forms

Medication/Supplement Consult Evaluation Form